Consulting initiatives, workshops & mentoring events produced through G-MACC Inc.

Gangsta Anonymous

Physical Mentors

Seven Week Rebuild

NYC Crisis Management System

For those striving to create a change in their lives, G.-M.A.C.C. Inc.’s Signature Gangstas Anonymous allows formerly incarcerated individuals to positively transition into the community. This support group provides assistance and an outlet for these individuals to make a positive change in their life and the community.
G.-M.A.C.C. Inc.’s Signature Physical Mentors program is a youth oriented initiative that offers guidance to the community. Through exercise and physical training, G.-M.A.C.C Inc.’s staff offers teen mentoring that allows an open discussion and emotional outlet for young individuals. At this point, our staff is able to break the cycle of aggression that creates positivity in the lives of our youth and community.
G-.M.A.C.C. Inc.’s signature 7-Week Rebuild Curriculum is a program that addresses the school-to-prison pipeline through a 7 week program. By identifying the poison that is the oppressive nature of gun violence and the “gangsta mentality”, GMACC then attempts to provide an antidote. This program offers mentorship and guidance that allows incarcerated individuals to realize that their past actions can become the stepping stones to a positive future.
The Cure Violence Model is oriented around selected members of the community, who provides assistance to “at risk” individuals and the community through conflict mediation, community engagement, and transitional support. Approaching violence in this way allows for behavioral changes and positivity to arise within individual lives and our community.