Meet the Founder

Shanduke Mcphatter
National Gang Specialist and Youth Advocate Shanduke McPhatter is no stranger to the street life or mentality. Growing up in foster care, and later, a single parent home of 5, Shanduke’s childhood was bleak with a future destined for failure. Shanduke McPhatter is the Founder and Executive Director of the not for profit, Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes Inc. cites his experience in prison as the reason why he became a community activist. After being convicted for a Robbery he did not commit as a teen Shanduke became engulfed into the prison lifestyle. While in a state prison Shanduke saw a little boy (eventually incarcerated for 31yrs) running to his father (mentor during his 1st/2nd incarceration), another prisoner, for the first time. This moment became his reason to break the cycle of incarceration and violence as he did not want his kids or any child to visit their parent in prison. This realization is why he focuses on helping the youth in the community, while also being the reason to fall into the cycle of violence again.